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Not only is Texas doing better than other states in its economic programs, the state has a hundred and one ways to enjoy life with its amazing festivals, fairs, outdoor activities and fair play in business.

Not many people visiting or planning to move to Texas are aware that Texas was once an independent nation. This was from 1836 to 1845 and instead of becoming a state through annexation, Texans agreed to join the country through a historical treaty; the only state to do it this way. Running true to form, it shouldn’t surprise many that its name comes from an Indian word that means “friends” or “allies.”

There is so much about Texas to enjoy from being the live music capital of the world because of the number of live concerts held every year to home of top sport teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, Houston Comets, San Antonio Spurs and several others.

Also interesting about Texas that makes it stand apart from the rest of the US states are the many firsts and products invented by Texans. For example, the first suspension bridge, Waco Bridge, was built in 1870 is found in Texas and that the first domed stadium was built in Houston in 1965. The state also has the longest fishing pier and the largest inland port. And who can forget that “Houston” was the first word sent from the moon in 1969?

Texas today is outpacing almost all other states in sales tax collection, job growth, and building permits issued in the past year. Jobs in 11 of its major industries increased. These 11 industries are hospitality and leisure, transportation and utilities, education and health services, business and professional services, finance, manufacturing, mining and logging, construction, government, information, and trade.

As of June 2013 over 502,000 jobs were added and last year the GDP of the state was pegged at a higher 3.2%. Majority of Texans are proud of their heritage, economy, and the overall quality of life in their state. Here’s a little teaser of what it’s like to be a Texan even if just for a few days:

The Joy of Living in Texas: Low Insurance Costs

There is a minimum requirement for auto insurance in Texas. This means that every vehicle is protected as well pedestrians and property. This helps make Texas a safer place to live. The minimum requirement would depend on your vehicle but generally, it’s $25,000 for Property Damage Liability, $30,000 for bodily injury, and $60,000 for whole accident. However, you can get a surety bond with the state worth $55,000 or you can opt for another alternative which is the self insurance certificate for those who own more than 25 cars.

The average premium for auto insurance is about $1,730.66 although in some cities, it can be a lot cheaper. But Texas car insurance is higher compared to most parts of the country. See insurantly’ Texas car insurance page for further information.

The Amazing Great Outdoors

It’s no secret that Texas is the second largest state but more important is that Texas land is spiced from end to end with adventure, thrill, natural wonders, stupendous landscape, and inspiring views. There is no limit to the kind of outdoor adventure you can experience in Texas from water sports to competitive outdoor sports; or from leisure recreational activities to family fun days in the open.

Pick from any of these outdoor challenges: camping, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, boating, swimming, or enjoying fairs, festivals, and theme parks. You can take it all the way to a luxurious level or rough it up and still have tons of fun!

Texas Personal Injury Law Firm

Heaven forbid you or a someone you know get seriously injured. Often times injuries are caused by the negligence of others as often happen in serious car wrecks in Texas. Having an experienced personal injury firm on your side is critical to the compensation you deserve. The San Antonio personal injury lawyers at Jeff Davis Law Firm can help. Locally they can be reached at 210-444-4444. Go here to learn more about their San Antonio personal injury practice.

The Great Rodeos

Where else should you go to find Texan cowboys but at rodeos and ranches around the state? The working dude ranches will push you to your limits even as a guest and might even encourage you to take on the cowboy image, Stetson and all wherever you go. There’s really something about being a cowboy that’s so appealing and magnetic.

Some of the ranches offer horseback riding lessons or trails and open land for the experienced rider, including a chance to take the horse for a ride on some beaches. The rodeo shows are not as exciting on film and photo as they are when you’re right smack in the middle of a busy horse and rodeo show. Texans also love their music, food and history which you’ll always find in any museum, market, or landmark site in the state.

 Ya’ll Can’t Miss The Annual Texas Steak Cook-offs

The Texas Steak Cookoff and Wine Festival is an annual event held in Hico, Texas where Texans come together to compete to be the best backyard chefs, Top 30 Hands, Best in Hors d’oeuvres, wine, and Best in Show in the state. It’s a fun-filled day with delicious, mouth-watering food everywhere you turn. To join the cook-off, buy a $25 ticket and choose your team. The team with the most votes wins!

Next year, the event will be on May 17th and tickets will be on sale starting December 2013. Tickets can be bought online and see you at the largest steak cook-off in the southwest!

Impressive Economic Performance

Texas is leading the country in job creation and offers generous tax incentives to the business environment. Last year, incentives amounted to $19 billion and has baffled some people because of the number of hourly jobs are able to pay minimum wage and are steadily increasing. The general idea of the local government is to create a fertile business environment so companies can provide their employees with more benefits who in turn become less dependent on the government. Last 2012, investments that poured into the state was an all-time high. Apple invested over $300 million, Dallas Fort-Worth companies brought in $600 million in just the last quarter of 2012, and North Texas companies brought in private investments worth over $625 million also for the same last quarter of 2012 or more than $3 billion for the entire 2012.

No Resident Tax For Texans & Tax-free Weekend

There are only 7 states that do not tax residents and Texas is one of them. This means the government does not require residents to file state tax returns. The other states that also do this are Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Washington, and Wyoming.

Just this year, Texans also got to enjoy a tax-free weekend which happens once a year. Most of the products that fall under the tax-free holiday are school supplies, clothing, footwear, bags under $100 each item.  This means that parents were able to buy as many items they want as long as each item was under $100 to avail of the no sales tax holiday.